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Author Guidelines
1 Society for Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development (MOBILIZATION) welcomes original articles. Articles (not exceeding 25,00-3,000 words) must be typed on one side of the paper, double-spaced, with wide margins on all four sides. An abstract (not exceeding 100-120 words) must accompany the article. The format followed must be Title, Name of the author(s), their affiliation, abstract, introduction, methodology, major findings, conclusion and reference.
2 E-mail the article in original as an attachment in MS Word to journalmobilization@yahoo.com. The author(s) should furnish a certificate stating that the paper has neither been published nor has been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Within the text, adopt the author-date method of citation minus the comma, for example, (Singh 2002). If more than one work of the author is cited, separate the years of publication with a comma (Pandey 1996, 1999). When more than one author is cited, the entries should be chronological with works of different authors separated by a semicolon (Pareek 1990; Sinha 1994; Dixit 1997). If gazetteers, reports and works of governmental organizations are cited, mention the name of the organisation/institution sponsoring the publication in the citation, fully spelt out at its first occurrence (Government of India 2003), and use its abbreviation/ acronym in subsequent citations (GOI 2003).

4 Give separately the bibliographic details of all works cited in the article under References in the following sequence: (a) Article: the name(s) of the author(s); the year of publication; title of the article (within single inverted commas); the name of the journal (italicised); and the volume number, the issue number, the beginning and ending page numbers. (b) Chapter in an edited work or compilation: the names(s) of the author(s); the year of publication; title of the chapter (within single inverted commas); the name(s) of the editor(s)/compiler(s); title of the book (italicized); the beginning and ending page numbers of the chapters; place of publication; and the name of the publisher. (c) Book: the name(s) of the author(s); the year of publication; title of the book (italicized); place of publication; and the name of the publisher. The listing in References must follow the alphabetical order of the last name of the (first) author.Use British, rather than American, spellings (labour, not labor; programme, not program). Similarly, use’s’, rather than ‘z’, in ‘ise’, ‘ising’, ‘isation’ words.
5 Write numerals between one and ninety-nine in words, and 100 and above in figures. However, the following are to be in figures only: distance: 3 km; age: 32 years old; percentage: 64 percent; century: 20th century; and years: 1990s.
  Contributors are also required to provide on a separate sheet their name, designation, official address and E-mail ID.
6 All tables, charts and graphs should be typed on separate sheet. They should be numbered continuously in Arabic numerals as referred to in the text.
7 Author(s) should be the life member of the Society.
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